Class Rooms

There are 13 classrooms for conducting theory and tutorial classes for our students. All the classrooms are well lit and well ventilated. Audiovisual aids like charts and overhead projectors are also furnished in all the classrooms and the LCD projector is provided optionally to the aspiring faculty members.


The immense merit of SVCP is rooted in its outstanding infrastructure. Based on the curricular requirements the building for Our College is designed with a total build up area of 5310 Sq.M for the academic and administrative utilities including amenities and circulation area. The building is well furnished with required fixtures for classroom, laboratories, library, animal house, rest rooms and common rooms and fitted with required water, drainage, luminance and ventilation accessories.

State of art laboratories of Pharmaceutical Sciences are well resourced with the essential instruments & equipments. The Laboratories are fully equipped with latest paraphernalia. Computer lab with Internet facility are value added assets to the college. The other facilities in the college include Language laboratory to improve the communication skills of the students as well as prepare them for TOEFEL, GRE and other competitive examinations. The other facilities & amenities available to the students include Seminar halls, Conference hall, Faculty club, Student research club, Medical facilities, Transport facilities, ATM etc.