Vision, Mission & Quality Policy

Carving the youth as dynamic, competent, valued and knowledgeable Professionals, who shall lead the Nation to a better future.

Providing Quality Education, student-centered Teaching-learning processes and state-of-art Infrastructure for professional aspirants hailing from both rural and urban areas.

Imparting technical education that encourages Independent thinking develops strong domain of knowledge, hones contemporary skills and Positive attitudes towards holistic growth of young minds.

Evolving the Institution into a Center of Academic and Research Excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and will be world leader in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice with the mission of strengthening the healthcare of the country.

Sri Venkateswara College of Pharmacy strides towards excellence, by adopting a system of qualitative policies and processes with continued improvements to enhance students’ skills and talents for their exemplary contribution to the society, the nation and the world. The college shall strive to become an “Institution of Excellence” in the field of pharmacy studies.